Lots Of Us Do, It Would Seem...

I was going through my circle's recent activity the last couple of days, and there's not much there. "18 hours ago", "1 day ago", "4 days ago"??? and the even sadder "There is no recent public activity for this member". 

What has happened to us?

I feel like I'm losing touch with everyone, and that makes me feel even less like posting something. I miss you guys. : (

Trying to be here, and something comes up and I don't get the chance. Too busy, and can't stay. Too many thoughts. Nothing funny to say.

So I don't say anything.

I feel like I've come to visit you and you're not at home. So sad.
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I miss many of my friends here. I talk to some on other social sites but several no longer come to EP. It is sad.

******** me? <br />
<br />
My my...<br />
<br />
*heads over to Sylph's story to see what's up*

Oh, c'mon Glowy... risque is fun... and sexy... heck, I just ******** you from my story...<br />
<br />
Make Scooby go RAWR...

Yay! Glow's going to dance on Youtube for us all!

Faerie moves? This is getting a bit risque it seems...<br />
<br />
Sure, Anto815...seems you're new? Hop in anytime...Apparently we're learning new dance moves. Maybe I'll just play for you all? I don't dance well. If I did, it would be a video for youtube, but not a flattering one..

*scratches head*...<br />
I thought we're doing the the butter churn... *whacks forehead*<br />
<br />
Gee... you better teach Anto815 the moves so she knows...<br />
<br />
Scooby... glad you liked the vid... Gee spends time oggling at it... a Faerie dance, you say... come anytime and I'll teach you the faerie moves... *raises eyebrows up down up down*...

HI I really don"t get what your saying "But" if you just need a friend I"m here. Anto815

Oh yeah! Geetar, nice video! Now I know where you get your moves from! Do they have a Faerie dance?

I have no friggin' clue where Gee gets his moves... sooo funny...<br />
<br />
But this video will help you, Glowy:<br />

Butter churn? I don't know what that is, but it sounds impressive!! (And you were never just an honorable mention!!)<br />
<br />
*joins Scooby in the chanting*<br />
<br />
Sylphy - yay!! And you're here now too...I've seen most of my favorite EPeeps today!

*Sylph goes out to check doorbell*... don't want to miss the ring when Glowy comes for a visit...

Go Geetar!

That's a very good metaphor!! Yes, exactly. There are a few people here (yes, you are one!!) who just make this place "go" for me. And we're never here at the same time anymore. <br />
<br />
*giggling*<br />
<br />
*has never been called a "sparkplug" before. Sounds feisty!!*

Sahira - ME TOO.<br />
<br />
*squints at K's profile trying to see the outline of the invisible man* <br />
<br />
Are you here now?<br />
<br />
I'm remembering....it is a summer thing. I remember two summers ago this happened. And then again, last summer, when I came back to EP, there was no one here. Some were just absent, some were gone completely (*ahem* Karumbey ;)<br />
<br />
I get the wanting to leave when no one is here, Scooby. It's almost like we're talking to an echo.<br />
<br />

Yeah, I think it's the 'left behind' syndrome Scoobs :( I'm trying to explore outside my circle a bit more to not feel the lull too much, but oy, it's disheartening at times to see the quality of EP has gone down. But if we all managed to meet here, there have to a be a few more interesting new souls here, somewhere! :)

Hmmmmmm, interesting. I have been feeling sad and lonely, among other things. Maybe there is some sort of mental addiction or something.

Oops, more commenting in me...I've noticed the same lull in activity. I think its a summertime thing. I remember last year the lull made me feel very sad and lonely about this place to the point I just deleted :( But it will pick up again cause we're not going anywhere :P

Just makes it a bit more challenging to see what K is up to but its usually worth it :-P

^ loves glow quiet or otherwise ;) Aww hun, I feel bad now. . For me, having activity private helps me feel more comfortable to write and comment. I know, probably doesn't make sense, but for my silly crazy ways, it works. I also think having my activity private is going to be a permanent thing, but you can always click on my profile link to stories or blogs to see what I've been up to, and this cuts through all my commenting anyways :)

With all y'all (plural form of y'all, btw) not around it seems a bit pointless to be here sometimes. I want to but it is sad when no one else is home and I'm looking for someone to play with.