Quiet And Thoughtful....

  While I was ill I went on a very long journey.  One of learning and change.  A wise man took my hand, and with much love in his heart and in his eyes,  told me, "Too many are being cheated of their time ... rid yourself of the external interference.  Learn to live again."  And a wonderful man put his arms around me and gave me his strength, his courage, and his heart.  I have been truly blessed.

I've had alot of time to sit and think about what these two men gave to me.  Perhaps I would miss the opportunity and the joy of starting something new.  The journey does not end, the road simply takes a turn ... for the better.  Hmmm, that meant I would have to let go of things that are familiar to me, my circle of safety, my security blankets.  I wasn't sure I was ready for that but their words still ring in my ears and I know they were right, they only want the best for me.  And so my new path begins....

I went through my circle and let go of those who were simply collectors of friends, those who had no desire to talk, and those who only wished to create stress and sadness in my life.  It was a difficult thing for me to do but once completed, I felt a great burden lifted from me and realized that the constant complaining and attention seeking of some was draining the life out of me.  It was a lose lose situation with some who did not want help or advice, simply vying for all my time and energy.  I don't know how much time I have and as for my energy, well ...  I was running on empty.  It had to change for my survival.  I wish those who have been released to know that I have no animosity toward you, I simply need to be here for my children, grandchildren, family and , of course, my husband.  The negativity was "cheating" me of my time on this earth....

I've been quiet lately but it has yielded many answers for me.  I will still be here on occasion to write a story, chat with a friend, send hugs to my family of choice, but I will be spending less time on EP.  I think my journey here has come to a quiet end. 

Oh, but my journey through life has not ended and who knows?  There just may be a "magickal and joyful" new experience around the next bend!  That wise man was right,  I feel excited and hopeful about my future.  And as for the man who gave me his strength, courage, and heart....  thank you, it is a gift I will cherish just as I cherish you, my wonderful husband.  I love you with all my heart.

Sometimes it's good to get "quiet".   (((hugs))) to you all,  Giggles
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Aaw, thank you so much SensualIntelligence. I appreciate your good wishes :) Blessings of love and light in your life... Giggles

Sometimes purging is a positive thing. I wish you peace and love on your new path.

Hmmm.... I guess I'd better start practicing my MIL spiel!! Aaw, I'm a good MIL, I promise not to butt in, never to drop in, and always to spoil the grandchildren :) ((hugs)) I love you, sweetie, you're my favorite Irishman!!

Wow, you had Katje and me scared for a while but we are so happy you are getting better and if that takes leaving this site for a while, then please do it! We love you and you know, you will be my MIL one day! Whoa!!!! ;)

No, my time on here is probably at an end and I know it. Not anyone's fault, it's just time. Please don't worry, I'm smiling :)

It doesn't matter. I'm just tired and didn't have such a good day. You know, Dr. appts and such :( I'm fine and no worries. Now you get some sleep and you know I'm on the job, your trooper is being taken care of while you're away. Good grief, the man is outta his mind that you aren't here!! You should feel sorry for MY trooper having to ride with him LOL. Now hurry up and pack cause we miss you, sweetie :) Love and hugs to you !!

What idiot said that to ya?! Well, if you arent on here then I might as well shut this crap down and go too. You were the only reason I joined this site. I'll be back soon so please take care of my trooper for me. (((hugs))) and don't feel bad. You can always just email Reece, chin up now and I'll be there soon :)

Hey Sis, well I'm not sure. I wasn't but someone told me tonight I shouldn't be on here.... maybe they're right. Maybe I have nothing more to say and no one has anything left to say to me. It happens.

You leaving ep? "my journey here has come to a quiet end" sounds permanent.

Aaw, you have already given me the moon wrapped in ribbons and love. ((((hugs))))

I'm so proud of you my little Irish Fire :) It was a hard fought battle for you but you came through it and all for the better. You know I would give you the moon wrapped in a ribbon if I could. It's wonderful to see you smiling again. I love you J, and I'm the one who is blessed to have you in my life.

Aaw, thank you so much Miss AE. You understand better than most and I so appreciate your help and your friendship. BC and Belle needed all your guidance, and your prayers and candles helped me through this. I am indeed happy and looking forward to a long and healthy life :) (((hugs)))

Difficult yes, and the lessons were hard but it's time I learned them. I love you too, my beautiful sister. LOL, I'm never too old to learn I guess :)

This is great Miss Giggles :) You have truly been blessed and even though it was a very difficult journey you went on, it has brought you full circle back to those who love you and need you. Many hugs and much love ... S

Thank you Miss Unshakable. I'm always praying for you and sending you blessings of love and light. Like you, I love the quiet and it is helping me to get well. (((hugs))) J

I am so happy to hear you are giving yourself time and love.I am doing likewise as my body and mind goes differentt frequency.I can only slow my mind down to match my body.Thats why i am taking a break from EP coming only to write my daily ritual.Yesterday i was just too sick to write.But i wll write today.I have make progress and also re-organised my home.I am now enjoying myself at home.I love the quiet and solitude.Hugs and Love.Have a blessed day my dearest friend,Trooper and your family.