Especially In Work!

I felt it really bad today!

I really don't like being told what to do by anybody but esp people who act like they are better than me! i really cant stand that!

But there are 2 girls in my room who i cant deal with! they both act more superior telling me to do things which is common sense which i was gonna do anyway! or they are trying to go over me n telling me to do it differently!

I am a fully qualified nursery nurse! i work 8-5 every day so that makes me full time n i have been there for 3 1/2 years! it doesn't make me god i do realize this but neither of them are qualified n both part time hours n 1 has been there 2 years n other 2 months if that!

I really get so mad as the reason they do it is that they are older than me n have children of there own!

There is an older lady there who has been there so much longer than me n same qualifications but she only works mornings n she still asks me what to do when a supervisor isn't there!

I don't expect to be looked up2 or for me o be boss as i would hate it i just want equal respect they give to the older than me ones!!

Its not fair n it really makes me hate myself for getting so mad over little pathetic things but i cant help it! they both strike some Lil nerve i have deep down inside of me!!!

I think i need to go to anger management!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2007