Ambulatory & Able to Take Nourishment

I feel really good today.  I'm a marginally employed, overweight gas-bag - just like yesterday - but I'm glad just to be alive.  I have shelter, however modest, food, however processed, I want for nothing essential.  I'm blessed with friends and family, and more to the point, the opportunity to matter, to be of use.  However modest my talents may be, by simply being here today I have the opportunity to bend them to a higher purpose - and that makes me feel good.  Plus, a get to have fun.  
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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5 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Well the Rx industry definitely gets a LOT of credit. Especially the little elves working the Lithium mines. As to me, well, I know who I am, I like who I am, I am who I am, and I'm determined to have as much fun being who I am as humanly possible. Pretty simple, really.<br />
<br />
Now a few tips for getting rid of Mr. Blue. Arrange for his wife and his mistress to "accidentally" bump into each other at Tiffany & Co. Rat him out to the IRS. Kick the side of his car, grab your neck, and yell, "Whiplash!" Buy his child a drum. Steep his trousers in raw hamburger and watch the neighborhood dogs torment him. Invite him in, feed him and feed him and feed him until he's beyond bloated - he will pass out. Then roll him over the edge of a cliff.

It's true. Sure took me a long time to realize it, though. Lowering expectations helps, as does burning off any sense of entitlement.

Then you, Sir, are truly blessed.

Fact is, Witty, I feel like this every day.

Wow, wasn't your positive gene being dominant. <br />
All kidding aside, it is nice to see someone feeling good, being grateful for where they are in life. In just about any situation, you are more likely to hear from people when they are unhappy or negative.