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I Feel As Though Im Not Loved

hello ive been a single guy for most part of my life since highschool anyways although i had a few girl friends back then now i cant get anyone
i dont even have many friends well i have like 1 or 2 but the real thing is to this day i havent been able to have anyone to love me not even give me a chance to be with me i have onley ever had one relationship which i thought was a relationship turned out that to be not .
anyways that was onley a 2 month relationship i dont no i have tryed i have put my heart out on the line i treat people for whome they are
l love you for you your heart personality so on i would never abuse any women never have i have respect for them i see alot of people with someone that have been abused in some way or another and the women keep on going back to them i just dont get it and here i am a wonderful friendly kind hearted guy that all he would do to harm a women would be to give to much of his love to her.
i dont no what to do anymore i mean ive gone through so many dating sites and i hardly get any responces its like they dont want to no me or something i mean its not me and i no this as a guy i give nothing but my all when it comes to having a relationship i just dont no anymore
lonelyheart72 lonelyheart72 31-35 1 Response Nov 8, 2010

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Cheer up. When you give the chances to let more people know you and how you really feel, someone will find out how special you are :)<br />
<br />
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Besides, personally I think dating sites have a bunch of shallow people.