Hate My Life

my parents are going thru a divorce. we are kinda poor. live in a small apartment. my dad has prostrate cancer (its mild) but we dont have insurance to pay for any medication. i work around 30 hours a week and go to college fulltime studying to become a pharmacist. i wanna c my family happy one day, we have not grown up with love, we have had so many problems that its hard to be happy. im not allowed to date cuz of my culture/religion even tho im over 18. but i met a guy a lil over 2 years ago and have been with him since. i love him more than my life and will do anything for him. he truly is the reason i live, i thought about suicideb b4 because of the probs at home but not now cuz he makes me happy. we use to talk a lot, and he loved to spend time with me, but lately he seems to be getting bored. he barely calls or texts me, gets bored when we spend time and usually asks to go home early. i know he isnt cheating on me but i feel like he is taking advantage. when he wants me, i always come to him, but if i need him, he doesnt have time. sometimes i c how much he loves me but other times i feel like he doesnt care much. im a very shy person, i have a few close friends, but i dont tell anyone but him about my probs at home. i rarely talk abt it to him. somedays im very stressed/pressured from everything and it always makes me feel good to talk to him. when i tell him anything, he usually says "dont worry, love u, kisses for u" thats it. i want to be comforted more than that, is that wrong? i just feel really lonely

jiggy jiggy
Mar 21, 2009