I feel really lonely...alot of the times...Its just that everyone that I know has something else going on in their world...Which is totally fine and makes sense. I just ;ike to feel wanted from time to people actually care that I exist...I mean its gonna be my birthday in 6 days and i really dont think anyone really cares at all. My boyfriend has a son and I think thats awesome but that takes up like most of his time and that kinda sucks bc I feel so alone...All of my friends have children so they are taken by their time which again is totally fine...I just wish that someone could dedicate some serious time to know to do something instead of laying in bed and doing nothing or talking to me on AIM once a month... I just feel very sad alot and I know I shouldnt but I do. I wish that I had like a really good friend to hang out with when im alone...but i dont because the ones who dont have things to attend to dont really care about im here all alone. I dont think its anyones fault other than my own stupidity that I am lonely and I should understand everyones situation which I do...but here i sit alone and sad and i just want to do something fun and be happy and not feel like I have nothing to look forward to wgen i get out of work! Either way it will probably get better...maybe hopefully..over time.

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Thank you so much for the birthday comments...and Ill remember that someone is thinking of me =]

Thank you soo much for all the advice and thank you for the Birthday wishes! Ill probably be doing alot of things alone just because as i said everyones got kids...and I dont and at the moment its very important that they are with them... but i think some icecream and maybe a sappy movie might help =]

I forgot to add...happy birthday! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day on your birthday! You deserve it!

I am sorry that you feel so alone and lonely. I often feel that way, too, even though I have a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and lots of supportive friends. I have a full life...and yet I still feel lonely a lot of the time. <br />
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One thing that I have noticed helps when it gets really bad is for me to tell the people that I know love me that I need some time alone with them. I used to think that this made me look selfish (it certainly made me feel selfish), but I have since learned that the people who really care about me and love me are more than happy to dedicate time to our relationship, or even just my happiness, just like I am more than happy to dedicate my time to their happiness. It's been hard for me, but I am learning to ask for what I need. I still get lonely and down, but it's getting better. Maybe ask your boyfriend or a good friend if you can spend some time alone together? Pick a favorite activity and ask if they will do it with you? Or if you are having a day when you need to do something fun, and no one else has the time that day, do something nice for yourself by yourself? I enjoy getting a coffee at a drive-thru and reading a good book in the park (in the sunshine, which also helps when I get down), but anything that you enjoy will work. If nothing else, treat yourself well when you can tell you are going to have a rough day. Take a nice hot bubble bath (if you enjoy that type of thing), eat well, drink enough water, buy yourself something nice, and sleep enough. I may not feel GREAT at the end of a rough day, but if I am nice enough to myself I can usually make it through without falling apart now. That wasn't even possible not too long ago. <br />
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If nothing else, just know that you are not alone. There are lots of us who feel lonely A LOT, even when we are not alone. I think it is part of the human condition...feeling separate and alone and isolated. I wish you all the best. Take care.