What An Excellent Group!

I feel so much better when I am out on the beach or up in the woods... or when I am out in the fields in the middle of nowhere... 

I would live out there all year round if i could..  :)

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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6 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Sh!t, you caught me totally off-guard and unprepared then, your HighNezz, wow.. You Reaally get it! Cool! I was so hoping you would understand me. Thanks! :D I'm thrilled to bits with that comment! :D

Ahh yes the beach and the woods, they are such a "realistic" view of what a loners "real" world looks like, without the props of the civilians and the many stock images of city buildings and street signs that crowd the place and make Earth "seem" somewhat important. But those who behold in their eyes the waves crashing upon the shoreline, and the birds flying above the horizion, and those whom gaze upon the midnight sky while layin back against the leaves and sifting the very soil from which we were made with fingers that appreiciate...

I think I did... maybe I just read about it..

Oh yeah, I've heard about that.....wait....you actually saw it!???<br />
<br />

It has been ok here lately. Saw a big glowing yellow thing in the sky.. think I remember it from a long time ago,, the.. the Sun? or something?

Oh I know, I could stay on the beach for hours...time just goes so fast. To bad it has to be so cold out there this time of year!