Since I was very young, I have always felt different. I'm talking 8 years old. I've always felt that I thought more than others, am more observant than others, and as awful as it feels to say this, like I'm "above" others in a way.
By no means do I mean that the way it sounds, it's basically for lack of a better expression... I don't mean above as in better, I mean it more like I'm on a different level, apart of a different group of humans. It's nearly impossible to explain.

I think the best way for me to continue this post is by making point notes for anyone who happens to be reading this:

- I feel like I use my brain more than others in a spiritual way
- I am so uncontrollably observant that I communicate very specifically with different people, unique to the type of people I observe them to be. Almost like I know how to reach them on "their" level.
- I've ALWAYS felt like an outsider. Even when I know I have good friends, something inside me feels like I could never connect with them on the level I would like to.
-Sometimes I'm hyper sensitive, other times my mind is so strong it can surpass painful feelings and emotions that I expected myself to feel (almost like a Buddhist approach).
- I have a very strong almost "knowledge" that I was never meant to be a crank in society's system.
- I have an intense yearning to be in nature or around animals. I feel more at peace with both than I do with humans.
- I feel like I'm waiting for something significant to happen, but I have no clue what.

Lastly, I have read the Celestine Prophecy books and feel like I am connected in a way to these fictitious characters. For those of you whom have read this and are on this site, I can only assume you perhaps feel the same!

I could go on much more, but basically at this point I'm just hoping to connect with others that are feeling similar.

Any thoughts and similar stories are appreciated :)

Have a splendid Friday night, my friends!

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