Pain In Your Heart


How is it that everyone of us is not immune to this kind of feelings?When i was in College i use to think that the text we read and study is base on the assumption that was observe from the people who is the subject of the research,then when i graduated and become Professional still sometimes we use to see this kind of problem to all that we handled in the wards or where ever you have been assigned to....later i think its normal to feel that way when someone is important to your life and link to the person who is having this kind of problem.
I thought i was brave enough to face such an ordeal and be able to accept and think different way,nope i was wrong i still feel the pain ,hurt,anger,and all the negative things any person feel.
I am a believer of God thats why im not Atheist man and though some are not acceptable on my belief which contradict my thoughts i still accept some,well when ever your relatives,love ones has a problem what we ask of course its God that we go and pray that somehow things will be ok because for God nothing is impossible and all is curable in everyway that a doctor say not,so i never abandon my belief and i continue praying for all the things that comes on mylife and even with my relatives where ever they are so that if the times come i could be ready to accept things that will make my mind open enough to all that can possibly ruin myself,so you see its hard to think about it for everyone has the limits of what he or she can handle and i just hope if the times come i have the wisdom to accept what ever the difficult situation that may arise....
tawam tawam
36-40, M
May 6, 2012