But Then I Remember...

Since I have joined EP I have met some very nice people. It always makes me sad when an EP friend leaves. Especially those that you start to get to know really well. At one point I became a bit discouraged about EP and even considered leaving too. But then I remembered that once I read that the people that come into our lives are for a reason. Some people are in our lives for just some minutes, others days, months and some years...we never know how long we will have each person in our lives but its just best to enjoy their friendship while they are in it, to learn from them and hopefully they learn something from us too.

Sometimes people join EP when they are having issues and leave when they are ok or become too busy and feel they don't need this place anymore. Some leave because they have too much going on in their personal lives. As for myself, I joined when I was kinda down so I was happy to find a place like this and was logged on more because I needed a place like this. Although I'm doing well now and at times busy, I have decided NOT to leave EP. I stay here to visit my friends and make new ones at times. I also enjoy reading stories and writing once in a while. And I also enjoy cheering and encouraging people.

I have decided that I will not get sad when an EP friend leaves. Well...I'll be sad for a lil while but I will appreciate and be happy that I got to enjoy their friendship and stories while they were here. And when they leave I will send them positive thoughts and wish them the best in life and hope they are ok.

It always makes me SO happy when friends that have left come back and they find me. It makes me feel honored that they remember me and find me because they want to continue being friends. Yeih!!
surrealreality surrealreality
31-35, F
Jan 18, 2013