Bye, It Was Nice Knowing You!

This has happened to me several times (twice by one particular person). I'll look at my circle (which I do frequently) and realize mmm, someone is missing, then I'll realize whom. I'll search to see if they just left my circle (which is fine, especially if we haven't interacted lately).  Only found 2 that slipped away from my circle quietly, everyone else deleted.

Then there are some that haven't logged in for a very long time. I wonder what they're up to, though I don't fear the worst. Actually I'm happy for them that they are having a busy productive life away from EP. Maybe they started a new business and don't have time to chat on the internet anymore. Maybe they got a new job that required them to work or commute very long hours so no time left over for EP. Its okay if they've found a better outlet. When they need EP they'll be back. 2 different friends did this recently.

Some people are more expressive than others. Maybe if they tell someone, they think they may try to convince them to stay. Which may happen. On a few occasions I've had a friend say they were going to delete (in advance). I told them I was surprised, I'll miss them, though I support their decision. Whom am I to decide what's best for them, really.

Though when they leave and delete, so does all their gifts, gestures, whiteboard comments, story comments - everything. Like they never existed. If you must remove your profile, so be it. Though there is an option to save a portion of your contribution or make a public statement on your profile, then leave. Eventually delete. I don't know, who I am to say how they go. It's hard that's all. On EP and in real life.

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thanks destiney24...

I had a myspace acct for a while, I didn't like it, very depressing. I felt like I was designing it only for myself. It was really difficult to make new friends and hard to really get to know people. I don't have a Facebook acct even though lots of people want me to join. So I'm not familiar with the big red X that you speak of decembertillmarch. <br />
<br />
Some people don't mind giving out alternative forms of communications, others aren't comfortable and only want to interact on EP. Both are fine with me JustLuna. <br />
<br />
The record of past interactions disappears, though the memory is still inside your heart dancingonthehill. <br />
<br />
I've had friends change their names and I look at my circle and think who's this, I don't remember chatting with them. Though if I go to their stories or profile, I may have a hint of who they once were (if they don't tell me personally) Bluegrass. When I changed my name It took a while, though I went to each of my friends' profiles and told them so on their whiteboard so it wasn't confusing. Though if I had hundreds of friends that probably would have been too much like work and maybe that's why people don't do it.

If a pal does leave (or even came back under a new name), we all have our reasons and I respect that. I'd like to know if they are back under a new name. If they want to! :) <br />
I do wonder about some people who have gone - pooof - and would love to know how they got on since we touched each other's lives.

I do miss the comments on my stories from the friends who helped me through and then deleted their profiles. The thread was very interesting with all the comments, but many disappeard over the last 6 months. For that reason I will never delete myself, we have all touched each other in some way when reading or commenting or gesturing, the reminders of those times help my soul when I go back and read them again.

I just blogged about this particular pet peeve on myspace....I am not on there as often as I am facebook...or here.. but anyway I went to my friend list to look for someone or something....and there are like 3 big red x's on my friendlist...either the profile has been deleted or they have deleted me....which is fine...but what what I hate is that once you realize someone is gone...then you have to figure out who it is....and then you wonder why....I mean I prob wouldn't have noticed they deleted me or their profile...except for the fact there is a big fat red x...and it surely does not mark the spot.

I deleted my profile from <br />
Myspace, it was getting old,<br />
And everytime I logged in <br />
Nobody online and my contacts<br />
Never came back to their<br />
Profile so I guess it depends<br />
The case, here in EP is <br />
Different I'm more connected<br />
With my new friends and my old <br />
Ones they know my email<br />
So I always stay in touch<br />
With them some way some how,<br />
Now if you totally don't get<br />
To know at all what happens to<br />
Them after deleting their<br />
Page, I will defenitely <br />
Miss them.