A Thank You Would Of Been Nice!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my sister birthday so i decided to make it a beautiful day for her she just turned 50 and was feeling a little down.So i run around buying stuff getting a really nice cake balloon's the works, Hey i love my sister i came home to cook her a great meal and at the end of everything there was no thank you i had a good time nothing. I just feel sad about this i did not do it to get a big response or anything i did it because i wanted too and it's nice to feel THE LOVE on your b-day. I just wish it could of end with a Thank you baby sis it was nice something and the sad thing about how i feel right now is i feel guilty for being upset why i don't know but writing this story doe's make me feel a little better. Thanks EP Goodnight :)
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Thank You so much....:)

Thank you :)

i wish i had a sister like you! :)