My 18 Year Old Daughter Hates Me

I am a divorced mother over 10 years and my daughter just recently graduated High School in June.  I have giving her everything sacrafised my house and now the graduation is over and party is over she hates me.  She was given a beautiful graduation party by me and my mom and fiance and left right afterwards with her suitcase to go spend the week at the beach with her father and girlfriends family.  No thank you and she ignored me the whole party we where always close.  She hasnt call me she texted me saying she didnt choose this life i did by divorcing her father I am just a regular worker and her dad and girlfriends family are drs and lawyers with beach houses and boats she said that i shouldnt be mad and its not a big deal she left after her party with all the envelopes and money from my family and friends.  I said I was mad because I was having a after party at the house and she should of stayed and she said why would i sit around when i can be on vacation.

I am very dissapointed and so our her friends she will going away to college in august so i guess she doesnt need me around anymore.  I dont know what to do when she gets back she told me not to contact her and bother her.  I feel like a horrible mother and i dont know what to do
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Hun I don't want to be mean, so please don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds to me like you are feeling sorry for yourself. You mentioned several times that "I guess she doesn't need me anymore" ec. You need to let go of your daughter. I know it is hard. and you seem like you are a good Mom, but it also seems like you have done everything for her. you have put her before yourself in every sense of the notion. You need to get back to you and who you are. You never should have gone as far as putting your house on the line in order to give her the "finer" things, or what she considers "finer" things in life. We are parents, not friends, and it is our job to guide our children, not be co dependant on them. Good luck with everything. I hope maybe this comment gives you a different perspective on things. =-)

she willbe back and rmeber the treatment when she want help in school<br />
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she is psreading her wings is all