They Burn And Burn Me Constantly !!!!

I am tired of having to be the strong one. I always have to act around family and friends like I am a rock and that is what people think. I am so sensitive on the inside and feel like eggshells , I do not know how to break this cycle. Everyone expects so much of me. But they make me feel like I cant ask anything of them. Stressed out, there are days were I cry and days were I stress. I just do not think it is fair. I am a human being that is made out of flesh and blood and also has needs like everyone else. Not only that , but I have a very tough work schedule and a lot of responsibility that I am sure they would not survive one hour in my shoe. Anybody feel this way? I am so tired and worn out. I am also a person who when trying to stand up for my self(even in the quietest way) will get the" why are acting this way." I am a person of faith and try put god in all that I do. But I am so burned and feel like running away or turning around to these people and screaming , leave me alone. But even if I did that , they will still find a way in and say something like " Why are you so far away". I think I will end up getting sick from all of the family's demands!!!
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Some people cannot do it on their own and when they can attach themselves to someone who is thought to be stronger than them, they smother that person with their neediness. They are the ones that need to stand up for themselves. There are others that see a person who tries to help as being weak, and they take advantage of that person. But those of us who are strong have to continue to be strong for those who cannot be, but at least you have God to help hold you up. But sometimes a day away by yourself is called for, so take some me time and go do something away from the others. Regenerate, rejuvenate, a come back stronger.