Everyone Changes... Including Me.

Of course everyone changes. We change on a daily basis. If we didn't, we would be like robots, an exact routine conducted perfectly in exactly the same manner every single day. Every little thing that happens changes us. It's nothing to be sad about really, since it's just life. It's like death. It's inevitable. So why do we waste so much energy being sad when we should be living our lives every day, constantly changing... constantly struggling to be heard.

Well maybe that's just it. Maybe we aren't really heard. At least, not all of us, and not in the way we want to be heard. I feel like I'm not. From primary school to high school, everyone wants to change to fit in... from high school to university, people change into who they want to be, or at least who they think they want to be. And of course, from high school to university, people start to develop strong opinions on subjects they are interested in, whether it be education, music, religion, politics etc. I don't see what's wrong with expressing opinions. And what right do other people have to tell you that you are wrong? Arguing for the sake of an argument is just stupid.

If I say that I'm an atheist, no one has the right to tell me I'm wrong. They might think that I am misinformed, or haven't yet been blessed or whatever, but frankly, I don't see any legitimate reason for anyone to be angry with my values and beliefs. Just because they don't like what I believe in, doesn't mean it's wrong. It doesn't mean it's right, but it's what I think seems the most likely answer to religion.

If I say that I think some universities are crap, well again, that's my opinion. I'm entitled, and not everyone has to agree. I have my facts, and they have theirs. What I don't understand, is that in free countries, (or any country for that matter), why does it seem illegal to express a legitimately informed opinion of... well... anything? If you've really thought about something, and at least half know what you're on about, it's fine to have a debate with someone. Sometimes it's even fun. You can see where they're coming from, and they can see where you're coming from, and maybe both your opinions may change slightly, with new information etc. What I DON'T like is when ill-informed stupid people whose verbal dictionary consists primarily of swear words and dirty language, have a go at you using everything in their power to insult you, when nothing has anything to do with the topic. Then other people think it's funny. I don't see HOW in any way shape or form.

I don't think words can actually express, to any sort of degree, how angry and sad this makes me feel. As I said, everyone changes, but that doesn't mean everyone matures. It's especially the immature ones who argue for the sake of arguing. Doesn't quite seem to matter how old you are. Though I do find, thankfully, that the older one gets, the less immature people of their age and above do they see.

Though there are always the people who will become nastier and nastier as the years go on. Nastier, and more conceited. I don't think they'll ever get it through their thick heads that there are actually people with brains out there who are more mature, more sensible, and just better than them in about every way humanly possible. I won't stand for any sort of abuse, and I'm sick of people like this.

It actually makes me sick to the stomach that there are people out there with the attitude that they rule the world, claiming to be self-righteous. I wonder how MUCH smarter the world would then become. How much better it would be...

Then again, how much better would the world be without so much technology? I think technology actually lowers other people's morale, and makes them say things they don't necessarily mean, either because they feel braver over the phone or the internet, or because words don't depict expression, and are interpreted wrongly. I also come to wonder how many people would still be alive if it weren't for technology... at least... technology to the extent that we have it at.

I could go on about this topic all day. The point is, it makes me sad, angry, annoyed, irritated, and unhappy. Everything. Tell me, does anyone else ever feel like this?? Anyone?
CaitieLynn CaitieLynn
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I completely understand - great point here and you are not alone. Constantly I see myself changing every day cause without an open viewpoint on this world there really is no point in my mind. Try to stay positive and focus on those who care, the power of one or two good open people will mean more than 1000 negative viewpoints.