Some days I get a sad feeling and I'm not sure why. I have a partner of 8 years who I love to bits, lovely friends and family, I'm just about to start my second year of university, have a nice home and yet I can't shake this sad feeling, even though I don't actually think I have anything to be sad about which frustrates me, I know there are others much worse off than myself. I don't feel like I can really talk to anyone I know, Partly because I can find no reason why I feel like this and I also don't like to burden others with my problems. I know it also sounds silly but I don't 'feel' depressed, I find it really hard to explain! I am quite an emotional person, I cry at the drop of a hat be it if I'm happy, sad, angry or overwhelmed and I get frustrated by this because I feel people think I'm weak and I can't argue things because I get upset. I think I come across as confident and happy to others but I do worry what others think about me, I want to be liked. I think what I'm after is some reassurance, do others have periods like this? And if so what gets you out of them?
Flora87 Flora87
22-25, F
Aug 27, 2012