Everything Ruined.

2 years ago I started dating a 19 year old man named Brice. He was amazing. He was everything I wanted and needed. We talked nonstop for a month and decided we were perfect for each other. Every day was like a dream because I have never felt like this for anyone. I could trust him. Anyways, as the time pasted I found out a few things about him. He was insane. I was soon scared to be around him because of how clingy and suicidal he has become. I would say one think that might have pissed him off, and he says he's going to jump off a bridge. I'm not kidding. I had to apologize for everything. I didn't want him to kill himself so I just put up with it. Another year passes and we got married. He got me pregnant on purpose but I didn't want to have a baby. It was practically rape that night. Soon after he told him I was going to be busy for a day or two. He was okay with it. I packed everything without telling him and left. 5 days later he sends me a text. I open the text up and read the first sentence, I broke my phone after so he wouldn't try and find me, and I was unsure if he actually did kill himself. I then found out I had a miscarriage. I wasn't sure if I should have been happy or sad.
The sentence I read from the text he wrote said "I knew you would do this to me, you ******* *****." and the actual text was several paragraphs long from what I saw. I'm sorry if I made this sound unrealistic. My life is forever over after this. I lost everything to him and I regret ending it with him. I will always have this guilt.
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dont let him ruin yr life