Friends.... Or.... (being Honest With A Friend)

Ok, my friend Chloe and I were like sisters. We did everything together. Sleepovers, going to the mall, even swimming and sometimes belly-surfing.
One day we were at the beach. Chloe was trying out her new belly-board. I had my old one. We were both struggling against the short but strong waves. Finally I gave up and clung to her board, begging her to drag me out. She didn't like it, but she agreed.
We got past the rapids and I re-mounted my own board. There was a sudden wave that just came out of nowhere. I clutched Chloe's arm and she screamed. We clung onto each other, eyes wide in fear. I let to of her and swam out of the way of the wave just in time, as it closed over her head. I screamed her name over and over again. I ducked under water, daring to open my eyes. A burning sensation flooded my face from forehead to chin.
The last thing I remember seeing was Chloe, helplessly clinging onto her board. I remembered seeing her loose grip and sinking, too out of breath to swim back up. Her eyes had been wide, clearly begging for me to do something; her right arm was stretched up to me. I tried to grab it, but lost breath... That's all I remembered.

A month or so had passed before Chloe came back to school. She had been in the hospital for a week, and I was so glad to see her. I raced up to her and hugged her. Surprisingly, Chloe said nothing. She had hardly glanced at me! I was stiff with shock. Didn't she remember me? Of course she did, or she wouldn't have tolerated my tight squeeze. Chloe walked breezily away.
The next day she came up to me at lunch. I said 'Hi' with a smile. She glared into my gaze, eyes burning. I gulped. Chloe leaned down and whispered a threat in my ear. She called it payback for nearly drowning her that day.
Another week or so passed, and Chloe just got meaner and meaner. One day I finally snapped. "This has to stop." I told her, frowning. She laughed and started to walk away. A raced to catch up with her. "No, really. Please, listen to me if you want the truth." Chloe stopped, but didn't turn around. "Ok," I said shakily, relying myself for anything. "I really think your being kind of mean. I'm really sorry about what happened, ok? I didn't mean to hurt you." Almost in tears, I looked down and went on in a weaker voice. "Your the only friend I have. Everyone else thinks I'm a looser. Your the only one.." She didn't reply. She didn't even look at me. "Chloe?" Silence. "Chloe?" I whispered again. Still silence. I glared at her back. "Chloe!" I snapped, slapping her sharp thin shoulder blade. "Ow!" I hissed under my breath, holding my hand. Tears spilled over. Chloe's back started shaking. I gasped, instantly forgetting my own pain. "I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?" My voice was a whimper. Chloe turned, laughing softly. "Even Calista can hit harder than you." She snickered. Seeing her smile, the tears came faster and harder. And I knew at once, she had forgiven me.
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I'm sorry about your situation. But I think you do not have what to blame because there are some situations for which we have no control. You are honest. Sometimes you do not count our feelings and we have to accept that and be patient. Your friend can not understand.
I believe that your situation is solved positively.