He Paid The Price

I feel extreme sadness in my life today, I hurt for my friends who struggle, I'm sad because it seems like I can't meet good people with morals, who stay in my life. They just pass through.
I'm sad when I try to reach out, and that person won't take my hand or let me try to help. I really shouldn't feel sad, I'm so blessed by God.

If I sat and started to list my every blessing one by one, It would take days for me to complete my list. So why do I sweat the small stuff!

1 Cor. 7:23 "You were bought at a price, do not become slaves of human beings."
I am free, bought with Christ’s own precious blood!
I am free to live a courageous, joyful, victorious life.
I do not have to be oppressed or crippled by fear and strife.
I am free for my Savior has risen and forever He reigns.
I am free to be the person God created me to be.
I do not have to be encumbered by people’s notion of who to be.
I am free for my Creator has shaped me, uniquely and wonderfully.
I am free to live the full life God has intended for me.
I do not have to be a slave to what the world decrees.
I am free for my Provider is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that I ask or think.
I am free to pursue His work, my gifts and talents to glorify Him.
I do not have to be enslaved to work to gain prominence on a whim.
I am free for it is my Master’s blessings that make me rich and no sorrow does He add to it.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2013

The glory of the good is in their conscience, and not in the report of men. The joy of the upright is from God and in God, and their joy is in the truth. He who desireth true and eternal glory careth not for that which is temporal; and he who seeketh temporal glory, or who despiseth it from his heart, is proved to bear little love for that which is heavenly. He who careth for neither praises nor reproaches hath great tranquillity of heart.

He will easily be contented and filled with peace, whose conscience is pure. Thou art none the holier if thou art praised, nor the viler if thou art reproached. Thou art what thou art; and thou canst not be better than God pronounceth thee to be. If thou considerest well what thou art inwardly, thou wilt not care what men will say to thee. Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart:(2) man looketh on the deed, but God considereth the intent. It is the token of a humble spirit always to do well, and to set little by oneself. Not to look for consolation from any created thing is a sign of great purity and inward faithfulness.

He that seeketh no outward witness on his own behalf, showeth plainly that he hath committed himself wholly to God. For not he that commendeth himself is approved, as St. Paul saith, but whom the Lord commendeth.(3) To walk inwardly with God, and not to be held by any outer affections, is the state of a spiritual man.

~ The Imitation of Christ