Diapers, Pull-ups, Goodnites

Disposable diapers have always been a part of my life. Even after mom took me out of diapers, I loved my pull-ups and wanted to keep wearing them. Since I wet the bed, I always wore a pull-up to bed, but mom started putting me in underwear when I was about 6. I quickly started having "accidents" so I could get my pull-ups back. I would pee and poop in my pants in themost inconvenient times and eventually mom put me in pull-ups again. I continued to wear Goodnites as a teen although I stopped wearing pull-ups during the day when I was about 9. I started pooping in my pants again when I was 13 and still do.

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Aaaww Charlieboy, taht was cunning of you, to choose inconvenient times and places, so that Mommy had to give you back your pullups..<br />
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Tell us about your memories of some of the inconvenient places .. Did you like plan these "accidents" well in advance ? Was the waiting and planning ( like the "anticipation") part of the fun ?

I sometimes wonder if I had a history of bedwetting and being forced back into diapers by my parents, would I still have the same affection for diapers that I currently enjoy? It's one of those weird conundrums of life that we may never get an answer to. <br />
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As it is, I absolutely love my being able to regress myself from my adult life a bit by dressing up in diapers and just thinking small. There is nothing else on this planet (drinking and drugs included) that has anywhere near the power of persuasion over me that diapers do. They own me! Some would say that's just plain sad, but then I see the pain in their lives and how little they can actually deal with it all unless of course they turn to drink or drugs. Diapers are not only cheaper, they don't do the damage no matter how much you enjoy using them or require them.<br />
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BTW, I use 'em all. Diapers, pullups, plastic panties, disposables, nightpants, cloth, training pants. To me, they're all my friends, and I love the time I spend with each method. I don't think I'm ever gonna get trained to enjoy potties or urinals...<br />
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Life is sweet!<br />
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It's always fun to poop the pants especially on purpose & well planned!

Thats true, my friend