Nappies Mean Love

I think that Nappies - Diapers- is my inner symbol for love and caring . I feel more secure and self-trusted while wearing them . I feel I'm kinder and more relaxed in nappies ! Don't You ?
So as for that I decided to wear diapers all my life , and live it normally but more confident and kinder .
It is more enjoyable life with nappies . even with the embarrassing moments - they are kind of adventure don't you think huh ?
Loving nappies is not harming anyone .
So for all of the people who feel bad or guilty for their attchment to nappies please let go this feeling and live your life normally with diapers as a tiny part of your life ! like anything else , your favourate colour or song or whatever else ! YOU NEED THEM
diapered19994 diapered19994
18-21, M
2 Responses May 20, 2012

So how long did you go potty in your pants to start to become incontinent

Thank you !<br />
I think we just GOT to wear them huh !? <br />
However I insist that we shouldn't be very consumed by diapers i.e. stay away from social and productive life because of them !