I Feel Safe In Nappies

I am 63, have nerve damage(to the nerve that informs the brain about the fullness of the bladder) and an overactive bladder. Since I lead a busy, contented life because I'm nappied 24/7 I love my nappies. They make me feel secure,safe, comfy and happy. I'm an AB too, so it's fine.

babasnookum babasnookum
61-65, F
3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Hi there I'm a biker too I have a vfr 800 vtec. That's more things in common along with nappies.

My latest bile is a bronze Suzuki sv1000s. My partner has just bought a TDM as a winter hack.

i soo wish i could get that kind of outlook. im struggling terribly being incont. its wearing me down.

Just try to accept that you need it for medical reasons and get on with your life. You'll learn to manage it and cope. Are you a biker? My partner and I have 4 bikes between us - 3 Hondas and a Yamaha.

yes i am, two harleys, and a honda. looking to ad a gold wing to the corall

I'd love a Harley. At the moment my partner has a Yamaha Fazer 1000, we share a honda CBR 1000 and a honda cbf 250, which we stow on our motorhome or rv, I think you call it over there. I have a Honda Transalp too. I'd like a Sportster. Last summer my bro- in- law bought a 1500 Goldwing and we collected it for him. It's so quiet you have to keep an eye on rev counter or you could over rev . I'm sure you'll learn to manage the inco, in time.

I love the soft, warm, secure feeling of a nappy too - you describe the feeling beautifully!