My Two Loves

There has been so much tension the last month or so as the three of us have been dealing with so many internal and external factors.  Hubby is adjusting to meds that make him emotional and sometimes a little compulsive about his emotions.  I've been trying so hard to balance our tight budget.  Our girlfriend has been consumed with work up until last week.  But this morning we all drank coffee on the porch and finally got to reconnect with each other.  Not just two of us but all three of us.  I feel like I've been so hungry for the last few months never really getting a fulfilling meal.  But this morning I ate from the abundant table served from my loves' hearts to mine.  And finally I am delightfully satiated.

This triad we have is an entirely new experience and yet as familiar as the days are long.  Our baggage is magnified sometimes because there are two other people now, not just one other.  And yet there is relief in that because none of us can keep anything pushed down or hidden for long.  Its definitely the more difficult path.  But the rewards are astronomical. :)
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very sweet :)

We all three share the same bed. We really are not into any sort of kink... We're just three pretty normal folks that all love each other. There is no motivation for any of us to change clothes for each other...? not sure where you are going with that question? Hope that helps.

do you all **** in the same room, does the female change clothes for each partner

I think that for some people, that arrangement is the best. I think I could probably do it under the right circumstances. I have these friends, who are a couple and I have noticed the dynamics of our friendship would be very...good for this sort of arrangment. They both flirt with me, but, I would never initiate anything, or even suggest it, only because I want them as friends way more than lovers-and-I like one more than the other-and that might present a problem. But I have thought of us in this situation before, and it seems like it would be cool. One time, I did have this thing going with a married couple (well, mostly his wife), and it kind of fell apart, and I was glad. <br />
So, good for you, what ever works, you know?