Every night when I am laying in bed trying to sleep I think about the things I want in life and whether or not I'll die before I acheive them. Its not like I am affraid of dieing, I'm just affraid of not living. I spend so much time thinking about the things that I want to acheive that I forget to go out and actually acheive them. I wake up in the morning and the first feeling I get is "trapped". I feel stuck in the same rut and unable to move. I can't help myself out...I'm lost.
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22-25, F
3 Responses Apr 1, 2007

I understand. Sorry you feel this way. It's a very scary place. If you have nothing holding you back than try and break free from your rut and accomplish your desires. You CAN do it.

also i seem to find myself stuck in the same routine for ages. i don't live near any of my friends & there's little to do outside out where i live; so i don't feel like i haven't got an excuse to go out. the only way i can stay in contact with mates is online or by text/phoning. i don't have a car and even though my parents are happy to drive me around once or twice in a week, they're obviously not gonna want to do it everyday. hence my complete isolation & boredom

me too. i often feel trapped in a routine or stuck in the house with no excuse to go out; it's awful! then becasue i have so little to do i end up procrastinating the whole day at the computer & end up thinking "what a waste of a day- what if this was the last day of my life?!" yet i just can;t seem to ifnd an excuse to go out places, i get so bored in the holidays it's unbelievable..