My sexual drive is the one thing that seems to motivate me. It is a constant relentless drive that taunts me, all day everyday. Even in my dreams.

No mattter that my wife seems to see my sexuality as major irritant! I still adore her, I fantasize about her endlessly. My mind is consumed with overwhelming eroticism. If only I had an outlet besides ************.

In the morning she looks so lovely beside me, but as I reach accross to hold her I am brushed away. She knows too well about the beast that lurks within me, and the tensile animal that rages between my legs.

Mornings are when she is in a rush to get ready for work, or catching up on much needed sleep. Evenings are when she wants to watch television (rather than spend time with me), or else she is just too tired. Weekends are for studying, and besides, she will never allow me to love her in broad day-light.

She professes to have no hang-ups, and in counselling makes a great show of making out that she is available to discuss anything with me freely. But, once we leave the councellers office, its total shut down. If I want to discuss sex with her, she just gets furious, or else she gives me the cold shoulder. If I touch her, I feel her body tense and move away.

My wife proclaims that she still loves me, and that she is still attracted to me, but her words and actions speak another story.

I feel so desperately pathetic ************ in private. There is no sensuality, comfort, love or tenderness involved in this act. Only momentary stress relief.

I am desperate for sexual fulfillment with the woman I crave.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I'm sorry that you are in this dilemma, friend. :((

Man I feel for you here. This strikes close to home for me. I am so sorry and hope that your wife and yourself can bond as lovers must to be completed as husband and wife. If my wife treated me that way I could never have made it this far with my battles in my sexuality. I probably would have hurt myself if she made me feel the way my parents condemned my sexual organs and made me feel perverted. In my marriage its me that often leaves her unfulfilled and frustrared. But though much of it is psycological since childhood for me, there has been recent physical problems that are greatly interfering. I proudly saloote you friend for loving her and wanting to help her throught this issue. You've said things that tell me you will be seeing success in your marriage bed. I'll store you as a friend if you can PM me