Abortion Is Murder!

I realy HATE! when women does abortion its WRONG!ITS STAYS MURDER! That poor baby did not ask 4 a woman to open her legs and to fall pregnant and to be here damit! Use condoms or pills or injections to prevent that i think abortion must! not! be legal! And woman like that must get the DEATHPENALTY! MURDER! STAYS! MURDER!
TheLastJustice TheLastJustice
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1 Response May 19, 2012

I agree! If you want to have sex, do it responsibly! Not by being clumsy, forgetting contraception, and falling pregnant AND killing the baby, all because they weren't smart. It makes me sick. Only exception (In my mind) is if there is something fatal with the baby or mother, and the birth cannot be performed properly.

Or unless it was rape, too. There are some exceptions.

Not even for rape is there any exeptions not to be nasty a woman can let the baby be adopted.i was raped myself

Yeah, I guess. You were? I'm so sorry to hear that! There are some scum people out there. You okay?