I'm Sick Of This Sickness

i dont know why but i feel so sick and its been 2 weeks already. its totally crazy that everytime i eat, i will vommit. im so not a bulimic but now i kinda start to lose some weight bcoz of this. i feel so weak and i really cant stand this sickness of throwing up everytime after eating. i can now consider hospital as my second home and medicines as my food. see how life can be when ure sick.

but yeah the worse thing when ure having stomach problem, the doctor will said,"i think ure having stress so it affects ur stomach" yeah and even my mother said the same thing! well i dont think im stress but oh well maybe im just a bit worried but u know thats how life suppose to be. anyway, i have to recover and i need to be more positive and yeah cope with stress just like what everyone said. but how? and i still dont know what could cure me from vommitting coz its really painful and tiring...... 

cruxes cruxes
18-21, F
May 10, 2010