This New Thing Called Crushing??? Are You Fu@$^ing Kidding Me???

What is this bullshit called crushing???? I just recently had someone ask me via mail if I liked to crush... I was like what the hell is that? and they said it is when you crush little animals in your heels to death... MY HEART LITERALLY STOPPED!! Isn't stuff like this illegal? and I mean come on, HOW CAN YOU GET OFF TO THIS??? This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard and when you let yourself go this far into the dark to the point where you murder other animlas to get off then I say you are no longer human you are a damn animal and you are no better than a sack of crap!.


I am deeply sickend by society right now... DEEPLY ******* SICKEND!!!
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Individuals that perform such deeds will pay in the end. Every creature alive was given breath by God. They are his creations. The senseless murdering of innocents are logged, and will have to be answered for!
Sick people!! Disgusting!!

I cant stand someone like that!! My father taught me how to hunt and fish,also how to respect the animals and grow a garden.The people that does this kind of shallow minded ,cowardly things are small minded people. I would like them to some of the guys I were in the military with, See I was in security and was also taught the value of Human life!! I'm sorry for carrying on but these people feel as if their superior to these small creatures. In the Bible God knows how many feathers are on a sparrow! Whew!!

omigosh! that's what that means?! you are totally right, are you ******* kidding me?! ridiculous!!!

holy **** o.o thats sick!

My friend(may I call you that?) This is a very human thing to do. Animals kill only to survive--it's what they're intended to do. Either to eat or to protect himself. Only humans kill so senselessly and sickly. It's horrible--but it's gone on since I can remember--and my mother and grandmother before me. THere are a lot of good things about people. You exemplify your fair share of them. Find out who you are and be faithful to her(?) <br />
Help turn it all around Love Noelle

Sadly this is nothing new, sick people have been doing things like this for a VERY long time, only now with the Internet they have an opening to "share their exploits" with everyone. While we don't want the web to become a place of censorship, there should be limits on what's considered "acceptable" to be published. The information age and freedom of speech are wonderful things, too bad sickos like that are also permitted to use them to share their disgusting and frankly immoral behaviour. Probably the only way to get rid of retards like that is to totally ignore them, once they realize no one is watching or reading the crap they spew out, they may eventually go away, not that I think it will prevent the real sickos from doing their dastardly deeds but it may get rid of many of the trolls who just write crap like that to get attention, as many of them do. There are reasonable groups out there fighting for the rights of animals and attempting to have legislation enacted to punish the real offenders and those groups deserve our support!

think of the sickest thing you can imagine, & then google it.......i promise you, there will be at least 20 websites devoted to it......<br />
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the world is full of diseased, soulless people, hun<br />
<br />
the willful, gleeful slaughter of innocence is a sure sign of psychosis and evil<br />
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"Crushing" isn't even exactly new, either........future serial killers have been doing crap like that for years..........but now---hey! they can post their exploits on the internet! (yay! thank you, technology!....not)......but guess what, technology? you could've waited just a little bit & let us catch up intellectually as a species first......jeezus, why is it always the freakin' knuckle-dragging animal-crushers who are ALWAYS holding us back?.........what a bunch of cruel-hearted dicks......

I recent saw on the news this guy that torchered and killed animals.He killed his parents and his older brother.<br />
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If you ever meet someone like that. Steer wide of them. Total psycho..;-/

Ewwww nasty. I had to join the group after I read your story. What has the world come to?