We Are Islands

This site is nice because everyone here wants to share.  Those of us who are lucky feel loved by our parents our children, our pets and friends.  Funny that you never really shake feeling alone after your childhood.

I have heard many people say from 16 year olds with a first job to 50 year olds like me,"Man, If I could only be a kid again, it was great! No worries."

Not all childhoods are perfect but most of us can relate to being carefree a good part of our childhood.  Sure its a painful time too.  All of our emotions are growing into mature emotions. 

We soon realize that the intense things we feel are not acceptable mature reactions.  Here the Island is created and we are cut off from those we loved undonditionally with all of truth in our hearts and feelings.

I think we miss the unconditional trustand love and overall good feeling that gives you.  Because as mature adults we can no longer love and trust unconditionally and sadly because of that no one can love us like that.

So we are together and at the same time alone.



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2 Responses Apr 28, 2008

you sound like a very nice person and your not alone with this feeling please keep smiling

So true!!! I hear what you are saying.