I Feel Alone And Depressed More Often That Never.

I'll sum it up. Since as far as I can remember, I've always been and am still today a very social human being, open to pretty much anything. The thing is, even though I know a lot of people and have a bunch of friends, the fact that I've moved around a lot during my childhood hasn't permitted me to stay in touch with the people that could be my closest friends today. In other words, no matter how hard I try (and it's not even an effort really) I can't seem to find my place anywhere. I fit in everywhere, but I feel like I'm not quite where I belong. And when alone and condemned to face myself, I feel soo alone it's pretty unbearable. I cry for no reason and feel so depressed, as if anything I did would be useful at all and lead to a potential stable happiness. I'm sick of having to face myself. I'm tired of constantly moving around and about trying to escape my solitude.. What the heck is missing ? And what's wrong with me ? Surely  we all have our down moments, but surely not more often than never ? Help.
azerreza azerreza
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I feel alone too. I think I've felt alone deep inside for as long as I can remember, no matter friends or family.