Just Moved

I just moved into this beautiful above ground basement suite and that is when my sadness started. I thought it would be different. I didnt live in the best of places before and so i thought that was the reason no one wanted to visit. I have people i am friendly with and one person i consider a very close friend but sometimes i feel as if she is leaving me behind. I realize she has her own life and other friends but in a social setting i feel really comfortable around her but always feel like the third wheel when there are others around. Another friend that i have is moving across the province so that is adding to my sadness. That is actually why she is moving is because she feels alienated and found a happy place to move to. I am so happy for her but also sad as well. It just sucks to come home to an empty house and no one to talk to. I even recently deleted my Facebook account because to me, that was just adding to my sadness, its like everyone's social calendar was turning but mine was standing still (anyone else have that feeling?) I am so glad that i happened to stumble across this site, i know it will make me feel better. I already do for writing all this down. Thanks for reading this all you out there!smiley
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You are so not alone.... i feel the same way. When im not at work im totally by myself....no friends...no family...absolutely no facebook. I tend to phase away into my phone playing GoW forgetting to eat or even sleep sometimes. One day i will get the courage to go out and find a life. You have friends even if they have made you feel neglected. Dont let them go...it gets a whole lot worse if you do. Cheer up..please...you have a new place...think of it as a fresh start not just another chalk line on the board. Hoping this site helps me also..because it really does feel good to just write things down. My best wishes!! May all our social calendars start showing signs of life.

yeah facebook sucks!

Hey I know the feeling... It does suck and I can totally relate to the facebook thing. I feel invisable on there, like someone who never moves forward or someone who's no fun. Everyone's status' are so fun. 'Me and blah blah had a girls night in, great fun' and it's heartbreaking cos then I start thinking is there something wrong with me.... WEll keep your head up. You are not alone :)