I feel like I'm drifting further and further away from my friends.
My life is changing, I'm starting to get serious about many views and opinions I have...It's time to walk the walk

But my friends...

I'm so distant now. Do they even notice? I wonder if they can see how much I dislike their idea of fun
It just doesn't fit with me
I love hanging out with them but I feel like I can't enjoy myself anymore.

Not like this...

Feeling alone in a crowd of people is terrifying. You're standing on the same lane but you're still in the sidelines. You're not ignored or transparent because they acknowledge you but they have no idea what is happening within. How in the world do you show those you've known for years that you no longer feel close anymore? How do you explain these complicated emotions and thoughts that rack the brain and tug the heart strings?

Am I just being ungrateful?
Smiilez03 Smiilez03
26-30, F
Jul 31, 2010