I See All These People...

...and I want to help.  I do.  I read of someone feeling lost and alone and I want to instantly put myself on the back burner and help them feel better.  I think, sometimes, that it heals me to heal others. 

But here's the thing.  I'm tired.  I'm sad....so goddamned sad.  I want to lie down and just close my eyes and never get up.  I don't feel like I'm entitled to do that...I feel like I'm whining.  I'm resentful when people say "it's not that bad" or "cheer up" or " you're not alone" because it's crap.  It IS that bad, I'm f*cking miserable and I'm very very lonely.  I want someone to tell me it's ok to be that way. 

Am I keeping myself down?  Who cares.  I just wish someone would care enough to let me hurt and want to be there when I'm done. 

Anesthesia Anesthesia
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8 Responses Aug 10, 2010

It is completely 100% ok to hurt. U arent whining you are in fact being connected to your emotions. To be connected to them is so important for mental health ppl dont even understand. I know because i can relate fully.

i know the feeling...

Our work here is done! :D<br />
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Well, sort of. You're in the right place.

Thank you! XO <br />
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You have all made me feel just a little bit less alone.

How do you just get over it, though? Such ignorance! And the people who tell you that -- how much concern have they got for you? None. That's just dismissal, and you don't have to take it. I never do -- I just walk away and leave them to their selfishness. One day, when their hearts are broken, they will understand what it feels like -- you think. The truth is, they'll declare that their experience is much more profound than yours, and they still won't give a rat's. <br />
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I've been there, seen it, done it and got the bloodstained t-shirt!

People tell me just get over it. People cant truly understand how u feel unless they have felt that way themselves. U are human. U have feelings. Id like 2b ur friend.

i wanna be lonely with you!

Hi Anesthesia, you're not the only one, love. Friend me, and I'll friend you back.