I Need My Ep Friends So Much Right Now.

I guess sometimes you reap what you sow,honestly I do not know the answer to that one.

I have tried to help out here on EP whenever I have seen another suffering,I am not too proud to say at the time of posting this entry I need the support of my friends.I will not mail them individually,that is not me.I hope a few of you do see this note,I am lost in panic regarding the previous story I posted.All I ask is your support now and over the next couple of days.Fingers crossed,your friend,garvan.
garvan garvan
51-55, M
5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Yo Garvan! <br />
Hang in.........there's good times and bad......but with support.....things get better.....write me anytime..........Marc

Thank you to the four members who replied to this,when I wrote this I was broken inside as Mom was expected to pass away that night,God has been kind and answered all the prayers and Masses held in her name and thankfully she is now doing well.<br />
Your kindness in replying will not be forgotten by me,thank you all so much.I intend to leave this record as I leave all my posts,they are a true reflection of who I am and what I believe....xxx

I agree with Sassy - you are never alone. If you ever want to talk, let me know! I am pretty good at listening! :-) *hugs*

You are not alone, Garvan. We care about you. I'll be thinking of you and of your Mum. You have my best wishes, that all is okay. (hug)

...Your never alone....God is always with you...