It Never Ends, Does It?

I always feel alone. I have all these people surrounding me, and I feel alone.. And you know, I think that's the worst part.. Being surrounded by people and feeling alone? But I think I do have a reason for my loneliness..

Sometimes, I want to be alone.. I want to just get away from it all. I want to have some time by myself.. But people always interpret it the wrong way. They LEAVE me alone. Do you get what I'm saying? I want to BE alone, not to be LEFT alone. Does this make sense? I still want to have people around me.. But heh, that's probably not possible since don't really have friends anyway.. BUT, my point still stands.. Being alone and being left alone are two complete different things.. Well, to me they are.

And I always feel alone because no one understands me. Nobody knows how I feel.. And if there's that one, good hearted soul who tries to talk to me and I appreciate it, they still don't get it...  Only THIS would happen.. only to me..

I feel so alone.. I try to think of the positives.. But there aren't any. Why would there be? :
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Thank you so much, tidalwave321. I'm learning as much as I could to actually let people try to help me and me not being indecisive all the time.. And it seems as if you once went through some hard times too. I'm glad you've overcame them and you're helping me get through mine. Your words inspire me.[:<br />
<br />
All of you guys' words do. Thank you again.

Theres always Good hearted Souls out there, Take me for example! :) I'm just like you, we got one thing in common WE BOTH FEEL ALONE AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS US....Now that dont mean that no one wants to be with you, Its just you haven't found someone who understands your situation. I do, So now your not so alone, because I feel the same way. So stop being upset, DO SOMETHING about it, If your alone, the sad part is NOT KNOWING HOW NOT TO BE ALONE!...True friends come from getting out of your comfort zone, making the leap into unfamilar territory, Yes it may be painful at first, but in the long run, you meet people who Say "HEY I KNOW JUST WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT" :) and trust me, I know....If your shy, Become unshy, if your wierd, Find people who are as Wierd as you. THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET...some even just like you. The fact is you haven't been looking. Maybe you dont even know who you are, Develop yourself first, then surround yourself with people like you. Then you will find true friends, and love and never be alone. Trust me, People care about people who share the same situations or interests, If they dont with you, yea...They arn't going to give a crap...but for the most part...There is people out there with the same interests, but if you never meet them, because your too shy...or you never talk to anyone and say OH WOAH IS ME I AM will always be alone...Like most people, you were probably like me, Thinking damn isn't someone just going to show up on my door step, the perfect person, friend lover so I will never be alone again, After years of sorrow I realized, NOTHING in life is handed to you that easy or on a silver platter...YOU GOTTA BUST YOUR BUTT....but that is like the 4 letter word...but if you never did any work...would it be worth it?<br />
<br />
Its about learning, doing things you don't normally do...Time to break out of this Lonelyness...after all with a friend like me...Ill take you places....Ive been there<br />
<br />
trust is worth it...its worth the effort...I have went through things worse than death, and reallized the truth about life...and relationships and everything....<br />
<br />
through the sorrows I learned, thats what its all about...<br />
its your time to learn...<br />
Read what I just said<br />
and good luck<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
A friend

Thank you. I'm trying my best. I'm sorry for making you feel sad. xD I just need to figure out how to find that person.. I also need to be more positive as well.. I know that person's out there somewhere.

Dear Paintx,<br />
I don't know you but your story does make me feel a little sad. The feeling you had writing your story must have been awful and relieving at the same time. Not sure, but I'm guessing that many people have had similar thoughts, including me. And honestly, no one should ever feel this way and everyone should always have someone to talk to and someone who makes you feel very special. <br />
But I hope you will be a little positive about finding that person (or these people). You seem like a very nice girl that really deserves it.

@anth1992 : Yes, exactly. You're right on the surface. If just one person were to make an effort, maybe things would change..<br />
<br />
@It4235 : Thank you. I feel that there's more people who can relate too. And a herb? I'll try that as well. Thanks again for the feedback.

What a great way to put it into words how it feels to be alone and left alone. I feel like that at times and I will reach out to people it helps me get over that feeling. Also I take a herb so I dont get too low its St, Johns Wart I take 3 a day and it helps too.

i understand what you mean you feel almost invisable and, you like your own company but it would be nice if some one made an efford???