I Feel So Numb Inside

i feel so numb inside i came out of a year relationship because i felt depressed been with the girl she was head over heels for me but i was too young too settle down and we broke up. everything was good i started going back out and drinking alot like my old self before i was with her. Then i tried to get back to seeing girls as more than friends and i felt alone after the break up all my friends only wanted to know what happened didnt really care how i was feeling or if i was ok. as weeks past it became clear that my friends only wanted me to be there for them and not be there for me. i eventually found a girl though who i thought was great. we texted each other often and when we hung out we would just laugh and have so much fun and it was more than just hanging out we would make out and **** but nothing to serious. then after about two weeks i invited her to mine and i cooked her a meal. i lit candles and went the whole 9 yards because i know she liked that corny romantic stuff so i did it for her, i even bought her flowers. we moved the party up to my room after dessert. we watched a bit of telly and before long we were making out after about ten mins we started undressing each other and we had sex. i was quite happy about this as she was the first girl i felt a connection with since the break up and was over the moon. The next night when she was texting me she told me how she thought it was a mistake and she didnt know if she liked me. she said she always has fun with me and thinks am good looking and caring but she can't tell. however i pointed out she texts me constantly and is always up for going out and chilling in mine watching films. i just feel sick and numb. its like things started to look up then it was dragged away and im back to been alone no friend, no girl and nothing that makes me feel happy. i just dont get what went wrong is it karma??? either way i feel so weak and misrable...
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Karma has a way of biting you in the *** dude, I KNOW First hand!...lol life a ***** out there!...and then sometimes you do something, bad something bad happens to you...sometimes your an angel and the world **** on you as well. Thats life, thats why they call it a four letter word! LOL but thats the way the game goes. I think In your situation bro, I wouldn't worry about a thing, you maybe lonely but at least you have your health. I was lonely at one point, and was physically dieing...LOL I thought...Well screw life, I can never get friends again cuz im dying and no one wants to hang out with a sick person. Well Turns out...I survived that...and survived the suicidal depression I was in because of it and It was by my own hands. If your lonely, GET THE HECK OUT OF YOUR HOUSE, DO SOMETHING FUN, AND MEET PEOPLE THERE where you have fun. Dont worry about this girl, Chances are, She probably thought you were a good ****, but then when she got to know you, she didn't like your personality. WOMEN ARE FINICKY, I can tell you that from experience. DONT GIVE A **** ABOUT THEM, and theyll love you forever. Love yourself bro, Find what you love to do, and take it to the max, then go find a girl who love the same thing, Find that connection, have sex and before long Its love. Finding good friends is easy to do when your out of your comfort zone. Yea Karma's a ***** but this will subside, best thing you can do, Focus on yourself, take care of yourself, be the best you can be in all areas in your life, then when you know you have it made, worry about women. Friends will come in your journey as you go...but when you have it made, you then worry about who to share it with...trust me, I have seen it all. Getting women is like fishing, Give them the worm, they run away, Tease them with the worm, boy that fish come and bite you hard...Thats the beauty of the game they call Getting some...Sex....but you gotta know how to play...feelings come too with that...its just some people take it too seriously....Dont get down bro...Its when you find the woman that requires the least effort to hook your worm, or the one that is the most work but the greatest reward, thats when youll lonely days be gone bro...Take care good luck on life.<br />
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