Loneliness Really Sucks

I am one of those people who never had a real best friend. The ones i had were fake or they just wanted something from me . I was subjected to bullying when i was young and although it wasnt that extreme , it really affected my confidence so i have been one of those quiet ones. i feel like i am not normal and sometimes i feel like i do not belong to this world. I do not have friends and i spend most of my time with my family. Although i have support from my family , i never had a dad or mom who i can talk to so pretty much i feel so alone most of the time because i have no-one i can confide with.

I have a sister who is two year younger than me and she has accomplished a lot of things compared to me . We used to be close but now she had a lot going on in her life , she is too busy for me and i even feel more alone . I wonder if anyone feels this way and to be honest i sometimes feel like a waste of space
brit20 brit20
18-21, F
Sep 24, 2012