I love my boyfriend. So very much. I need him to feel complete. I give him my everything to make him happy and to feel loved. I'm hear for him 24/7 whenever he needs me I'm hear to help him. But wenever i need him he's either ignooring me or not hear for me, I feel so unloved. I give him my everythig and I don't get annything back. Its the same way for friends and fmilly. I have depretion and anerexia caused by familly. They told me for 5 years in elementary I waz gana be fat wen I got older and I gained weight from stress. I lost 30 pounds from not eating and now I feel discusting wen I eat. My life is a mess and their is never enugh space to tel the stories....
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I'm so sorry, honey youre never alone! Maybe find some books on codependence. It's hard not to want to make others happy, but it doesn't work like that. Find your own joy in the little things. Look towards the light.