BORED and Alone

im not doing so good right now. my husband went back to work yesterday from being laid off. he went in today and hasnt been home yet. i feel alone and unappreciated. i called his friend mikes house but he called back looking for warren. my friend sophia came over during her lunch break. she told me some drama thats happening amongst her new guy and a mutual friend they share. well anyways.. she wanted to hang out tonight .. but alan ended up calling her wanting to go on their first date .. so now im bored and not looking forward to work tomorrow. im looking forward to after work when were going to go to barnes and noble and then to her house.. i think i might drink. might not. depends on how my work day goes. well i wish my man was home..
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2 Responses Jun 15, 2007

Hey - I just started a new blog for people who feel alone, or who are picked on, etc. Why don't you join it & be my friend =)<br />
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You can ask me anything, talk to anyone, etc!

Well, we are here to entertain you. If you need something to do, try picking up knitting. The online knitting community is a rather lively bunch!