Ever since having my son 2 years ago, I've never felt so alone, I realised that I don't have any true friends and my best friend went to live in America , I had to give up my job as my son's farther left me, every day seems the same I'm stuck I have no 1 to sit for my son so I can have a social life and at the same time I have nobody to have a social life with! I never thought my life would end up like this and I don't know any body who is going through the same thing, ppl that I thought were friends disappeared when I left work never though having a child would destroy my life, I love him to death but if I'd never had him I know my life would be different I sound so selfish but I'm a shell of the person I was he has my total attention 24/7 , everything I do is for him and I'm drained ,he starts nursery in Sept and I don't know what I'm gonna do when he's gone as stupid as that sounds cus I'll be even more alone .
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Unfortunately your story is not an unusual one A man leaving his woman and child... I tell you, I know it's wrong to wish ill on ppl but I really hope he has terrible diarrhea and all the bathrooms and locked!😣😣😣 I don't know where you live but in America there are many free woman's groups that meet to discuss their struggles much like what you are describing in your life It's basically a support system for woman to make friends and see that they are not alone in life It sounds like you need more then a friend You need a band of friends A band of woman who understand you and what your going through All I have to offer you is my ear and my advise So here it is Reach out further Find a good support system that can help you with this increasingly heavy weight you carry with you I know you feel alone but you don't need to be There are ppl and places you can go for help I've had my own struggles and found those who helped me You can too You're not alone

You can get the second best thing to real life friends - online friends. At least it will be someone to talk to on a daily basis and share stuff with n maybe laugh a little.. :) You can message me if you feel like it.. I'm on a mission to make good friends online.. I'm a bit of a recluse in real life. :)

Thanks, I've turned in to a recluse only place I go is tesco lol :-)