So heresy story I live with my grandparents my mother didn't want me my dad doesn't know me and today I spent the last 5 hours in bed looking at the roof thinking to my self if anything happens to my grandparents I'm going to be alone and this truly scares me iv got no close family and I just can't seem to stop thinking if they died I wouldn't have anything to live for
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OMG My story is not quite the same but a lonely ending none the less I completely understand that feeling of hanging by a string way above the clouds praying not to drop A feeling that your life line is only held together by a mere couple ppl that are truly close to you However, that's just the beginning of life You see what I came to learn is there are certain situations we are born into and even ppl we are born to but the rest of the story you get to make up for yourself As any good story goes there will be ups and downs Highs and lows but the important thing is to never let the story stop We must keep life in motion in order to extract all the good things we can from it There are massive amounts of ppl in this world but generally speaking only a few that each person finds in life to really understand and stand beside them That's why we love them so much and hold them so close They are irreplaceable My grandfather just passed away a few weeks ago He was a hardheaded stubborn bulldog and I wouldn't have had him any other way There is always a reason to live and move forward YOU are reason enough I have to believe that your grandparents love you very much and they took you into their home with open arms and open hearts They believe you are a beautiful person who will go on to do amazing things like finding your passions in life, your dreams and accomplishing them Get married and have a family of your own who you will love, honor, and cherish b/c you know how much it means to be that man To be a real man and those true to you will love, honor, and cherish you for it 😌

My mom didn't want me either. I don't know who my dad is. I grew up in the system. I adopted my little

Sister so she would not have to go through the same thing. I completely relate to the fear of being alone. I am going to bed now because I have to be up for work in 4 hours 😔 but maybe we can talk tomorrow sometime.