Please Keep Her and Her Family In Your Prayers At Her Time In Passing.x

Shes 27years old and has two children. She is dying from cervical cancer that has spread rampant through her body in such a short time. She went from a council house to making millions off her on back after winning Big Brother in the UK. She turned from being loved by the public to being shunned by the public in a matter of moments. After comments were taken as racist. The to get back in the spot light once again and be told she has cervical cancer on Big Brother Australia Verizon. This young women is set to wed within the next couple weeks to her longtime boyfriend before she dies. My sympathy goes out to this family. I pray God will be with them all and give them strength at this time and allow them to cherish each moment they have left. xx

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Lmao, At least some good can come from such saddness. Even if it took somone famous. The saddest bit is I feel for her children. I know even she would feel she would much rather give her life than have her children go through what she went through. I just pray in the up comming days the children find strength and courage to move forward and be at peace one day. With everything.x

yes, i do give a good pep talk lol!!!

Bless, Thank you for my pep talk. lol x

thats good!!! you can never be too carefull with these kind of illnesses!!!

Lol, I know, its never nice. But I don't want to miss out on watching my children go up if I don't have to. So I will go and get checked as soon as I get back to the UK.x

i understand what you mean!!! i have been having problems with my bowels, and it was quite embarrasing for me, going to my female doctor, and having her feel around the inside of my back passage!!! lol!!

I know, the worst bit is I have had problems in the past and fear getting it checked out. Plus its not that nice having a male doctor check our x

thats exactly what im trying to say, and good for you for going to get yourself checked out!!! the chances that you have cancer will be minimum, but its worth goin to get yourself checked!! cos as i say, you dont want to end up like another jade goody!!!

I know I am at fault aswell. i never go get checked. but I will now. I think its because everyone thinks it will never happen to somone famous and when iot does its time to go get checked.x

you see, i believe that when its your time, then its your time as well, but its just when you think about how many people could be saved from these kind of diseases, and leave kids behind and so on, just cos they thought "it wont happen to me"!!! i mean, i remember when my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer, his specialist asked him if he had used sun beds, and my dad said no, and the specialist said "the only reason im asking, is because around 70% of the people i treat for skin cancer have used sun beds, and no matter how many times we try to get across to people that sun beds can damage your skin, and even cause cancer, people dont listen!! i mean, you could walk out into the street and get hit by a bus, and it would just be a freak accident, but if people dont listen to warnings as to what causes cancer and so on, and dont get themselves checked up and so on, there could be more people like jade goody out there, leaving behind kids and so on, cos they carried on smoking, and carried on using sun beds and so on, which everyone has the right to do, but would you risk ending up like jade goody, leaving kids behind and so on, when all it takes is a trip to the doctor to get yourself checked out!!

I hear you. But I honestly believe when its your time its your time. None of us know. If it wasn't this it could have been something else.x

I hear you. But I honestly believe when its your time its your time. None of us know. If it wasn't this it could have been something else.x

admittedly, ive never been a big fan of big brother or jade goody in particular, but it is a shame for her and her family, any form of cancer is something that you wouldnt wish upon anyone!!! i lost my dad to cancer 3 years ago, and i kinda know what her family are going through!! but i absolutely applaud her for doing what she has done, by getting herself in the magazines and newspapers and so on, and encouraging people to go for cervical smeers and so on, but i just think its a bit sad, that its taken someone like her to get diagnosed with the disease, before people take notice of it, even though doctors have been telling people for years to check for various signs of cancer and so on, and there have been a lot more higher profile celebrities died from various forms of cancer over the years, and even if jade herself would have listened to doctors and so on, and checked for various signs of cancer and gone for cervical smeers and so on, she might have actually had a chance to survive the cancer, or to at least stop it from spreading!!! but its so sad, and my prayers are with her and her family!!!

Shes an amazing women and will be very missed by all. Family, friends, and her fans.x

Ive always admired her *****..and I dont think she is racist....her mum is cool sad...<br />