I Assure You Im Different

I thought it would be nice to get someone's opinion for once because i don't talk about this kind of stuff to anyone because i feel they wouldn't understand.
As a 'child' growing up i never found it hard making friends i have a full family 2 brothers 2 sisters and parents that never fight and you could say i like in a fairly big house on a large property. what im trying to say here is that i didn't really have any problems growing up that others have for example abusive parents and lack of a good home or community lack of education . I feel very different from other people, you could say i had no real emotions of any kind. sure i can have a bit of a laugh every so often but emotions like grief, sadness love hatred have never struck me. when i was younger even now i have been told that i have great potential and am very intelligent  but compliments like that i just don't take notice of. still being in school i find myself bored with this repetitive life get up in the morning, get ready, get on the bus, get off, go to school, go home via bus, occupy time till dinner, have dinner play some video games or something, go to bed and then start the whole process over again. so i feel that getting a full time job would very much be the same thus thinking what point is there to grow up, i could never be a " drone" for the rest of my life. this world seems pointless. please comment and be honest. oh yeah and im a guy.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

It's okay to be different. I remember thinking at about your age that there has to be more to life than that. What alternative's have you considered to living life as a "drone"? What kinds of things would you like to do? What do you envision, dream for a future?