My Dreams Crushed...............

I have just arrived home (well sort of home) after a 6hr bus trip, 1 hour train ride and time in a taxie.  I had been offered a job in Townsville Qld Australia.  For over a week, I was feeling sooo excited about starting this new job as a deckhand on a prawn trawler.  I haven't worked in such a long time due to having a family and an illness.  Anyway after travelling for approx 7 and a half hours i'd ended up at my parents place in an excited state waiting for Tuesday to arrive.  I thought that I ring the guy that had offered me the job just to let him know that I was in Hervey Bay and that I would meet him at the bus stop as arranged ready for our 17 hour trip up north together before we started work.  Bad news.  He was told that he was no longer needed as the skipper of the boat............................. my excitement had turned into disbelief, then anger, then a deep sadness.   Why!!!!!!!  Before hearing the bad news, the excitment that I'd felt was a big releaf  (as happiness hasn't come easily to me)  It was the happiest that I'd ever felt.  Now I am back to my same old boring life........I hope that something else comes up for me and soon.
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Yah! I'm sooo glad for you! <br />
Do not let things put you down!<br />
Everything passes and this ( whatever may be ) will pass too!

Things are looking up again for me. I've been offered another job up North (hours travelling) on another Trawler as a deckhand. Should hopfully be starting in say 2 - 3 weeks time....

you're not wrong..but he didn't know then..