It's Called The Rebound, Stupid. I Never Meant To Lie To You. I Didn't Think I Was.

i don't know what happened. I used to have the strongest conscience of all. I feel like I lost myself when I had to say goodbye to her. I'm still not found. I'm adrift and lost at sea. I don't know know i am anymore.

I thought that me and you would make it but the truth is all we do is scream at each other now. 2 years I want back of my life but now these six weeks as well. 

I honestly thought I meant it when I said I wouldn't walk away. But you won't forgive me and you call me a liar.. all because emotions are deceptive sometimes.

I should have known. I didn't mean to lead you into this. I'm glad your happy now. As to me i've been on the other side of the lookign glass telling people to step into the mirror for so long, but alice never does and I just feel like i'm in hell cause the world is upside down but i'm alone. You honestly think that you would have been damn good company but I don't want a thing to do with you anymore. All you do is make it worse and all I wish is the best for you

I feel like i'm circling the drain  cause everyone I loved I've pushed away now and I'm just waiting for it to happen. my own fall from grace (which you're so  convinced has already happened) but you don't know the first thing about me and the temptations i've refused. You say i'm like a younge rversion of yourself but you haven't walked the path I did before I ended up with you. You don't know me because i'm not the same person  I was just 8 weeks ago and i'm not what you think i've become. you're so certain all I want to do is criticize and fight you don't see the love I poured on others like rain sense you've been gone.

but you're like a devil in disguise. You think you're an angel but all you do is make things worse.

I can't get the last 8 weeks back nd I can't get the two years I lost back and i'm not sure what my next move is bu.t I do know i'm so far gone i'll never wish for you again


You're just like a pill, instead of making me better you keep making me ill.

I will get better.... I will get so much better....  but i don't know how, all I  know is i am determined.... Playing it on the line. One moment to the next.


all I can say is thank you for helping me get over her: but I NEVER meant to lie to you..

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Nov 25, 2012