Wouldn't Know Where I Would Be!!

Before my best mate and soul mate started working at my place of work i was very very depressed!! I hated my job, my life and myself!!

I hated the fact i was in so much debt but nothing but  a continous headache and hangover to prove of spending my money!! I was going out alot with my mate who i depended on so much as she was older and wiser than me! She took me under her wing when i needed her the most!!

But then my soul mate started working with me and i was a lil shy and looking back i dont know how she stuck with me as i was quite rude and offish!

But she asked me to go on holiday with her for 2 weeks with her mum and mums friend!!
I thought hell yeah i need a holiday but its gonna be somewhere new with someone who is slightly doing my head in!!!

I ddint get excited at all before my holiday and was really regretting saying yes as we hadnt even known each other for a year by this time!!

But on the first day everything seemed to change!! We opened up to each other about everything and we realised we both were worrying about being together on holiday so thats where the friction had been!!!

BUT since we have got back we have not been seperable!

She has taught me so much about myself and to actually find happiness without depending on someone just because they seem older and wiser but what i believe in and what i am!!!

We have been on holiday 3 times, got tattoos, been to 2 concerts, going to download, going on holiday again, she is sponsering me £60 and coming to see me jump out of the plane for charity and then go back on holiday the day after!!!

I havent been this happy since i was a young child and i love it!! In the past year i have grown up so much and learnt to deal with the problems facing me straight away not just drinking and sleeping with guys just to forget about everything!!!

But im very thankful to her as i believe she has saved my life and i hope i can do the same for her when she needs me!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response May 31, 2007

great story not many of find any soulmates I feel it would be nice to have someone that way in my life.