Praise the Lord!

Yes i do. I'm lucky i guess.

How i got into this job still seems like a dream form last night. I was back in my home town and have quitted my job of 10 years. (I started work at 16 for those who are calculating my age... :p) Months after i left my job i fell into depression. I thought after working for so many years, i should take a few months break and enjoy my freedom. However it didn't do me good. I was alone all the time bcos all my friends are working and have no time to keep me company. My mother was nagging at me for quitting. Why i quit? I wanted a new direction in life and at that time quitting was the only option. I was getting comfortable and complacent with my job.

Anyways, i started looking for jobs different from my field, marketing, advertising, sales, etc... Didn't stayed long in any of those.

I feel repressed and down staying in my country so i started applying for flight attendants. Which is how i got into my current job.

I love my job now. The company is good and i feel taken care of. I miss my family and friends too. But i'm happy here. Sure, there are plenty of unforeseen stress and pressure that comes with this job particularly but on the other hand i get to see places, meet lots of interesting people. And the best part is i dun bring my work home. When i leave the aircraft, my job is done. My free time at home is all mine.

I see myself flying for a few more years. I'll probably get into training new crew as well if everything goes well. But for now, i'll just keep on discovering!!

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2 Responses Nov 5, 2007

At that point i didn't see it like that. I thought i just need to change, because everything is getting about the job was getting mundane. Looking back now i'm glad i did it.

Well this is actually the slogan of my company. Keep discovering.