The Shoot Out In Us School!

The Shoot out in the US school is deplorable! But how do we answer the situation that the fast paced society in US has created? The slightly slow paced is scorned there! Why? Can anyone answer that? Even after so many reforms in place it is the worst place for racism and scorn and the worst that i have seen is in NY!
I was there for the first time struggling with the currency to pay for my lunch and the young girl behind me shouted "WAY TOO SLOW"! Imagine if i encountered her in my country with the same outburst?
The fast paced society that US has created has also left those SLOW human beings WAY behind! Humans correct yourself or u r gonna be the target of 21.12.2012! LOL!
sashtavtar sashtavtar
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012