So as it turns out that my ex fwb benefits found someone else from her work and idk why she likes him over me I haven't talked to her.

But what I think is ****** up and shity and also really immature and childish , she blocked my phone number, blocked my Fb, and blocked me where me met, on tinder.
Like come on now, at least have one conversation with me so I can get some closure. I mean is that to much to ask for, is that not the decent thing to do in this situation.
I'm not mad at her
I didn't blow up her phone
I wasn't being mean or anything,
I just wanna have one conversation, a brief one at that, for closure. I'd wanna try to salvage atleast the friendship, I don't mind. It sleeping with her anymore but she's also one of my only friends and I don't wanna lose the fiend ship just cause I'm loseing the benefits part.

Why are girls these days like that. One day everything is fine and y'all are hanging and
Having sex. Three days later you haven't heard a word from her, then she blocks you from everything and can't even ask why or what happened. I just think it's really rude to not give closure and just cut off all ties and communications. What so y'all think. And what should I do?
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It definitely sucks to have that happen, but there's not much you can do. Maybe just ask the next girl you hook up with to make a deal that you guys won't do that to each other and hope she keeps it.